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Office of the Secretary
Gender Equity Education Committee
The Gender equity education committee promotes substantive gender equality, eliminate gender discrimination to uphold human dignity and improve the education environment. GEEC is designated with administrative responsibility to handle the incidents prescribed in the regulations of Gender Equity Education Act, Gender Equality in Employment Act and Sexual Harassment Prevention Act.

The GEEC consists of fifteen members with the President as the chair of the committee. Committee members are selected from faculty, staff, parents, students, and experts with gender and scholars from fields related to gender equity education.

Tasks include:
  1. Integrate related resources in various departments, draft gender equity education projects, and implement and evaluate the results of such projects.
  2. Plan and implement activities related to gender equity education.
  3. Draft and implement regulations on gender equity education and prevention of sexual assault and sexual harassment on campus.
  4. Investigate and handle cases pertinent to this Act.
  5. Plan and establish a safe and gender-fair campus.
  6. Promote gender equity in family education and social education at community level.
  7. Other matters related to gender equity on campus or in the Hsinchu community. For further information, please contact with GEEC
Contact persons:
Ms. Wan Jung Cheng and Ms. Ying Jen Chen
Tel: +886-3-5742626
Online consultation:
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