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Office of the Secretary
Alumni Service Center
The goal of the Alumni Service Center is to serve as a bridge between alumni and their alma mater. The center provides up-to-date information of the university and assists our alumni in their advanced study and/or career development. Based on an integrated alumni-database, we provide multi-channel services to facilitate communications between alumni and NTHU as well as among alumni, totaling 42,674, dispersed all over the world.

1. Direction to Alumni Service Center:
-Address: No. 101, Sec. 2, Kuang Fu Road, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan, R.O.C.
-Campus Map and Location of Alumni Service Center
2. Contact Information:
Executive Officer Prof. Chen Chien-Hui
Main Number:+886-3-5162478
Fax. Number:+886-3-5162477
Website link:
-Department phone numbers:
-Alumni academic records: including Diploma,
transcript ( see remarks),
email account, Wi-Fi access application,
Library Cards,Alumni IDs,
Military Service Offsetting and Swimming Cards applications.
-Publication of Alumni E-News
-Annual Campus Activity Invitation
-Alumni Social Media, Facebook, maintenance
-Alumni Continual Education
Ms. H.Y. Wen
-Distinguished Alumni Selection and Conferment
-Alumni Donation (credit card acceptable)
-Alumni Membership Application and Meetings
-General Assembly
-Alumni Communication Journals
Ms. P. Y. Chi

Files that you can download:
Form 1:Alumni Transcript Application Form (English Version)
Form 2:Alumni Diploma Application Form (English Version)

Q1: Can Alumni apply for English transcript and diploma at the Alumni Service Center?
A1: Yes, please download the application form for English version of transcript or diploma. , after complete the form and email it to the Alumni Service Center with detailed information like contact person, address and telephone number. Once the procedure is completed, we will send the applied documents to you via registered mail.

Q2: Why do Alumni have to submit a copy of their passport or a scanned passport file to the Alumni Service Center when applying for an English transcript or diploma?
A2: Based on the rules set by the Division of Registration, this is to make sure that the English name put on the transcript or diploma will be identical with the name printed on the passport.

Q3: Suppose any Alumnus/Alumna tries to locate another Alumnus/Alumna, will the Alumni Service Center provide the contact information upon presenting their IDs as proof?
A3: Due to the concern of protecting the privacy, the Alumni Service Center is not in the position to provide the contact information of any Alumnus/Alumna to anyone else in any forms. However, the Alumni Service Center can pass the message to Alumnus/Alumna in question within the existing database. We hope, by so doing, a connection could be made.

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